MEET THE STAFF: Beth Splaine, RI Philharmonic Music School Faculty Member

Where did you grow up? Wilmington, Delaware.

Favorite meal or restaurant? Anything my husband prepares. He’s a fantastic chef!

Coffee or Tea? Coffee.

What instrument do you teach at the RI Philharmonic Music School? Voice.

What inspired you to take up that instrument and how old were you when you started? Like most singers, I’ve known since I was little what I wanted to do when I grew up. It just took me a while and a roundabout road to get here!

Who was your best teacher and why? I’ve had five or six voice instructors in my life, and each has gifted me invaluable information. Some on what and how to teach and some on how NOT to teach. I try to take all of that information and apply it to my teaching. However, my last teacher in Holland, MI was the most informative and the technique he taught me is what I used on the operatic stage performing and what I teach now.

What inspired you to start teaching? My piano teacher/choir director in Hershey, PA. She referred someone to me and I told the young lady that I wasn’t a teacher, but she came for a lesson anyway. That was 16 years ago.

How long have you been teaching at the RI Philharmonic Music School? Almost two years.

What do you enjoy most about teaching? Connecting with my students, aged 6 to 92 (throughout my teaching career.) I LOVE seeing the students surprise themselves by improving. I LOVE seeing them perform and become a character who presents a performance the student didn’t think was possible. And, very importantly, because singers’ instruments are their bodies, when their voices improve, so does their confidence. I cannot express how wonderful it is to see a student’s general confidence increase!

What do you want people to know about the RI Philharmonic Music School? I feel great pride when I walk through the RIPHIL doors. Listening to all of the instruments/voices rehearsing gives me great peace, a sense of accomplishment. We are all working for something that is greater than each one of us. It is a good lesson for life. I want people to know that the school offers top notch instruction from teachers who genuinely care about the students and their colleagues.

How are you keeping yourself occupied while being at home all day? Teaching on line, of course. And writing. My next book, Devil’s Grace, will be released on 11/11/20. You can visit to learn more.

You’re stuck on a desert island… what book, music/album/artist and movie do you want with you? Book: Crime and Punishment. I re-read it recently and loved it as much as I did when I read it thirty years ago. Again, so many lessons to be learned. Music: This is a tough one, but I’m going to have to go with Les Misérables. I love all of the music. Movie: No question on this one…The Bird Cage.

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