MEET THE STAFF: Craig McNutt, RI Philharmonic Orchestra Musician

McNutt Annoyed Cat

Where did you grow up? Orleans, MA (AKA “Cape Cod”)

Favorite meal or restaurant? Any good shellfish and pasta recipe!

Coffee or Tea? Coffee – Decaf Americano more accurately.

What instrument do you play in the RI Philharmonic? Timpani.

What inspired you to take up that instrument and how old were you when you started? I started my musical studies on violin. But in the 7th grade, when I saw that there was only one timpanist in the orchestra, I was inspired.

What’s your favorite composition for that instrument? Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra – the subtle quality of the timpani within this work makes it challenging and fun.

How long have you been playing in the RI Philharmonic? Since 1992 – I don’t want to do the math….

What is the best performance you’ve ever heard? Summer 1985 – Bernstein conducting Copland Symphony #3 at Tanglewood.

What do you want people to know about the RI Philharmonic Orchestra? How much it means to both entertain and represent the state of Rhode Island through our performances.

How are you keeping yourself occupied while being at home all day? Taking care of the little things I never had time for, while gently stretching my musical boundaries…

You’re stuck on a desert island… what book, music/album/artist and movie do you want with you? Album – The Beatles: 1967-1970. Book – Alex Ross: The Rest is Noise. Movie – Either 2001: A Space Odyssey or This is Spinal Tap. Depends on the day!

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