MEET THE STAFF: Annette Mozzoni, Director of Education and the RI Philharmonic Music School

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Where did you grow up? Northern Delaware. I like small states!

What is your favorite song, artist, musical memory? Too many favorite songs, artists and musical memories to mention. I am unable to choose.  I love live music so I really miss live performances.

Favorite meal or restaurant? My family (sons, brothers and sister) is spread throughout the country, so I cherish any meal with a gathering of family members. We laugh a lot when we are together.

Coffee or Tea? Primarily coffee but I enjoy tea too.

You’re stuck on a desert island… What Book, Music/Album/Artist and Movie do you want with you? Hmm good questions! Book – My current favorite book is A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest Gaines but I would bring a long book I have wanted to read but haven’t had the chance to– like Hawaii by James Michener. Music – at a minimum Beethoven Symphonies and the Beatles albums. Movie – West Side Story so I could sing along! Or maybe Sweeney Todd!

What’s your pet situation? I adopted two little Coton de Tulear dogs – They came with their names “Carol” and “Sydney”. My vet told me that out of the hundreds of dogs they see none are named “Carol”. They love to snuggle and love that I am now home all the time.

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How would you describe your role at the RI Philharmonic? I work with staff and faculty to oversee the operations of the music school and our community partnerships. People that care about music education have so many wonderful ideas, so part of my job is to facilitate these ideas. Together with staff, faculty and administration, we determine if the idea can be pursued by our organization. We consider different questions when considering a new program or class. Is there a need for the program/class? Can we provide the program/class in a high-quality way that will impact individuals or the community? Is it a viable program/class from a technical, logistical, resource and financial perspective? Is the program/class sustainable over time?

How long have you been at the RI Philharmonic? 15 wonderful years.

What brought you to the RI Philharmonic? Music changed my life. It taught me to be curious, resilient and develop a love of learning. I was a financial aid student at my community music school in Delaware and I feel passionately about access of quality music education for every child. The mission of the RI Phil and my personal values are completely aligned.

What do you want people to know about the RI Philharmonic? I would like people to know that all of us at the RI Phil – faculty, staff and orchestra musicians – care deeply about our community.  All of us believe in the transformational power of music performance and music education, and are dedicated to this mission.

How are you keeping yourself occupied while being at home all day? My time is spent keeping connected with people – work, family and friends. Most of my work time is spent in conversations with faculty and staff as we re-imagine our programs through a digital platform.  We also look forward to the future when we can all be together again. My husband and I are enjoying spending time together.

Any words of wisdom to help others through this? Be a hero. Please help save lives by staying at home during this time if you can. Oh and spend some of your free time practicing and making music.

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