After-School Strings Program in Pawtucket gets ready for its annual Holiday concert

 Current and past musicians at Agnes E. Little School
 for their upcoming community concert 

PREPARING FOR THE BIG SHOW: Strings students at Pawtucket’s Agnes E. Little Elementary School, who participate in the ongoing effort between the RI Philharmonic Orchestra & Music School and the Victoria Alviti Music Foundation, prepare for their upcoming concert. 

Now in its third year, 40 strings students at Pawtucket’s Agnes E. Little Elementary School, S. Bend St., Pawtucket, perform their first concert of the season for friends, family and the community on Dec. 7 at 5:15. The sixth graders, who were part of the inaugural year of the program in 2015, return to their former school to participate in the performance.

Their music education program, called Victoria’s Dream Project, is a joint venture between the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra & Music School and the Agnes Little Elementary School. In its third year of providing intensive after-school strings instruction for children in grades 3–5, the program is part of a larger ongoing effort by the RI Philharmonic Orchestra & Music School and the Victoria Alviti Music Foundation to combine music education and after-school care for Southern New England students, as well as provide a pathway to RI Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.

Come meet the dedicated educators, students, parents, and RI Philharmonic Music School and Agnes E. Little School staff and faculty who participate in this exciting community program.

About Victoria Alviti Music Foundation: The Foundation funds music education programs that offer opportunities for active participation in music. The programs impact the lives of nearly 2,000 students each year through partnerships with schools across Southern New England.

About the Victoria Alviti: A vibrant, larger-than-life 22-year-old, Victoria lived for music quite literally. Weeks before she passed away, she shared her vision to create a foundation committed to keeping music programs in schools. She wanted students to learn the value and beauty of music – and for teachers to have the tools to teach them. She felt that when creativity has the means to thrive, the world can be a more positive, more harmonious place. It was her belief that every student should have the opportunity to experience the positive benefits music can bring.