Meet Molly McCaffrey, RI Philharmonic Music School Faculty

Molly McCaffreyWhat is your favorite part of your job?
My favorite part of teaching is watching my students progress, and how their confidence grows with each new piece. To me, teaching music is much more than learning the notes, and it has a bigger responsibility and outcome because of this. Through music you teach your students how to prepare and overcome challenges. You teach how hard work can by gratifying, and only through such work how beautiful music can be created. Most of all, my favorite part of being an educator is watching the love of music grow within each student.

How did you decide to teach at the Philharmonic?
As a college student in Rhode Island, I was drawn to the Philharmonic’s classical concerts. As a professional musician I continue to be drawn to the Philharmonic. It is the center of classical music in Rhode Island. This in turn, provides an incredible education for the many students that are enrolled at the school.

Please share a Fun Fact about you:
I also own (and play) a bright blue electric harp. This is not your typical classical harp!

What is your favorite thing about Rhode Island?
My favorite thing about RI is the summer and the lovely beaches.