2017 Chamber Music Workshop Shines!

“This year’s Chamber Music Workshop was my favorite to date. As a coach, it’s always fun for me to work with excited and committed students and help them see the asset of their similarities and differences. But the most rewarding part for me this year was being able to witness every participant, regardless of age and level, grow drastically as a musician and ensemble player. Our students learned and embraced that every member of an ensemble is a key player, that things that seem difficult at first can actually turn out to be very rewarding and fun, and that music (and pizza!) gives us wonderful grounds for friendship. Chamber Music Department Chair, Lois Finkel, works hard to match students with groups and repertoire that will be challenging and rewarding, and to provide group activities that will both hone skills and make lasting memories. It’s safe to say the coaches enjoyed themselves as much as the students! I’m looking forward to next year!”
– Abby Magoon, Chamber Music Coach and Private Lesson Teacher, viola and violin