Agnes Little Elementary School Hosts First “Playing Party”

“Victoria’s Dream Project is a new pilot program in its first year servicing third and fourth grade students at Agnes Little Elementary School in Pawtucket, RI. With the generous support of the Alviti Foundation, the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra & Music School provides three days of violin and viola lessons each week to 34 students. Taught by musicians and faculty from both the Orchestra and the Music School, students have worked their way from “box” violins and “dowel” bows to the real deal. After just one month of learning best practice and posture and muscular control, our students can now play three songs!

The goal of Victoria’s Dream Project is to effect real change in the cultural landscape of this community. We are also working towards creating diversity in the RI Philharmonic Youth Ensembles by developing a comprehensive instrumental feeder program in a diverse community as well as providing a pathway for these students to be accepted at the JMW Arts High School in Pawtucket.

This project reflects the dreams of Victoria Alviti, a vibrant, larger-than-life twenty-two-year-old who had a vision to create a foundation committed to keeping music programs in schools. Before she passed away she shared this dream with her family and friends. By following in Victoria’s footsteps, we hope to facilitate academic achievement and develop creative capacities for lifelong success through a quality music education for these students.”

Amelia Nixon, Program Coordinator for Victoria’s Dream Project and RI Philharmonic Music School Community Partnerships Manager