Victoria’s Dream Project Launches an Exciting Program at Agnes Little Elementary School

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Victoria’s Dream Project is an exciting pilot program at Agnes Little Elementary School in Pawtucket. In the first few weeks, our students have learned the fundamentals of beginning the violin and viola. They are working on mastering the perfect bow hold, flexing new muscles with perfect posture for resting and playing positions, and learning about scales and the open strings of their instruments.

Our students don’t get their instruments on the first day – they have to earn them! Each day they come to class with their “box” violin (a wrapped box of pasta salad) and their “bow” (a 1/2” dowel with a handmade frog glued on). Before receiving their real instruments, students have to come to class prepared with their materials and show that everything is in great shape.

We are developing relationships and trust between teacher and student, peer and peer, in order to build upon the best and most exciting part of making music – playing music with your friends!

Victoria’s Dream Project is funded through the efforts of the Victoria Alviti Music Foundation.